Sales training, behavioral assessments, coaching

Jane O'Connor’s Power Hour Tele-Coaching Series has been assisting clients worldwide since 1996. Power Hour Tele-Coaching sessions are an easy, affordable way to provide ongoing support for your sales teams while breathing new energy and focus into their sales strategies to close more sales and push bottom line profitability.

Jane O’Connor conducts training that will energize companies to Re-think their sales approach to improve employee performance, Re-tool strategies to enhance company profits and Refine problem-solving to correct common communication mistakes, save money and increase employee productivity, thus improving your competitive edge. Click to view Jane’s testimonials.

Using validated and powerful assessment tools, we can match the best person for each available position within your company, including CEO/Executive, Middle Management, sales or sales management position or administrative support … a person with a passion to succeed in the culture of your company. Assessments will help put you back in control of the hiring and selection process to help you build your dream team!