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Since 1996, I have coached, trained, taught and assessed thousands of professionals across the globe. Please find below some testimonials from my clients and colleagues.

Over seven years ago our company started working with Jane O’Connor and utilizing the Managing for Success Survey assessments for all potential new hires at Noble’s Pond. We have found the assessments provide us with very accurate analysis of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Jane is a master at reviewing the survey and determining the best position and fit for a new hire coming into our organization. To this day, I go back and review the assessments of team members that were hired years ago. Reviewing their results from time to time helps me to be a better manager.

Jane also does a thorough review of the results with the new hire, identifying and discussing their talents, as well as, areas for improvement.  She provides them with specific tools to help them reach their full potential. This single addition to our hiring practices has proven to be the #1 reason for the successful team we have today. It has saved us money in the long run, ensuring we hire top candidates. Thank you Jane for helping us build a ‘Dream Team’ of creative and talented individuals here at Noble’s Pond.
Mary Field, Vice President, Noble’s Pond Village, DE

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sales Training Seminar and thought you were an excellent speaker.  It was the best sales and marketing training session I’ve been to!  I loved how you engaged us and had us participate in activities.  It was also fun to divide the groups up so that we got to know people from other communities better.  I believe that it’s better to learn by doing, rather than simply listening.  I agree with your suggestions to emulate the prospects’ demeanor and to appeal to their personality styles, as well as their feelings.  Thank you for doing a great job!
Ginni Kennedy, Executive Director, NorthWest Place, OR

I truly enjoyed the Sales Training Seminar and was eager to immediately come home and put the material into practice.  There are so many ideas I enjoyed but I will narrow them down.

I enjoyed identifying and understanding the different personality styles of our prospects and how we can learn to interact with them effectively in order to move the sales process along.  I liked the suggestion of not providing a brochure at the onset of the tour.  Learning new sales terminology was helpful.  I especially liked how to use the term “easy living”.

Just yesterday I had a gentleman who walked in for a brochure only.  I used many of the techniques we learned and now he’s coming back on Sunday to go over the financial piece.  Thank you again for a great training and I look forward to the next time we meet.
Bridgette Payan, Sales and Marketing Representative, The Park Lane, Monterey, CA

Thanks so much.  I had a great time at the Sales Training Seminar.  Specifically, the two day training allowed me to refocus myself and my team on some new areas that I believe we perform well on, but your information will allow us to refine.  Like anything, putting into practice what we have learned will take time, but we will and we will do it in the advised manner of small pieces/steps.

I came to the Sales Training Seminar not quite certain what to expect, but as I sat through and participated in the Training, my expectations evolved and you really did a great job of meeting and exceeding them for me.  Again, I think the Training was super and I look forward to further implementing it, allowing the SpringRidge team to continue to experience sales and occupancy success.
Garth Hallman, Executive Director, SpringRidge, Wilsonville, OR

I found your Sales Training Seminar enlightening, the format interesting and it did zero in on all of the areas of attention that I had asked assistance with.  A lot of new information to bring back to review, incorporate into touring prospects to our company’s Unique Selling Propositions and the easy living features of The Park Lane.  Go Red Sox!
Brian Salmonsen, Sales and Marketing Representative, The Park Lane, Monterey, CA

I really enjoyed this interactive Sales Training Seminar.  The role play and community tour were my favorite part of the Training.  I was able to pick up on key words and examples that need to be pointed out in a softer light.  I have already overheard Marianna using her USP’s and being more clear with her explanation of our wonderful lifestyle that we offer at La Vida Real.

Thank you again.
Jason Rich, Executive Director, La Vida Real, San Diego, CA

 I thought the Sales Training Seminar was outstanding!  I believe that the Training has given me a clearer focus on my discovery and for that matter the whole sales process.  I have had several tours since being back and I feel that I am more confident and settled in the discovery process.  Also, I am now better highlighting our USP’s which are huge.  People’s eyes widen as I share what makes us different.  That is powerful!   Expect many more sales to come.  Thank you to both you and Brittany for the incredible Training that you provided.
Quinn Crandell, Sales & Marketing Representative, SpringRidge, Wilsonville, OR

 The Sales Training Seminar was excellent and certainly exceeded my expectations!  I believe one of the highlights and benefits for me is creating that awareness of the many features and services that we offer and sometimes take for granted.  The techniques you have shown to assist us in expanding our discovery so as to focus on the immediate needs and desires of the prospects.  Creating the urgency to make the sale and secure the deposit.  I can go on and on!  I will tell you that my team and I have put much into practice since we returned and we received two deposits yesterday!
Frank White, Executive Director, The Park Lane, Monterey, CA

I learned a lot from the Sales Training Seminar, different approaches in the selling technique.  I appreciated the tour and having us participate.  The script will be very useful and will be generated to our sales team.    The behavior styles were most helpful in identifying the buyer personality and how to adjust to the type of person we are dealing with.  Identifying the 6 USP’s for SRG is definitely going to be part of my regular routine and will also be incorporated with the sales strategy with the team.

Although I was not a fan of role playing or being taped, I found the technique you used very educational.  It will certainly make a difference in my everyday sales role.  I am very appreciative for both the positive and negative critiquing in assisting us to be better sales representatives.   Your training was a positive experience.   I hope to use all that was learned to maintain the 100% we are achieving tomorrow.  Thank you.
Gretchen Wentz, Executive Director, Hawthorn Court, Phoenix, AZ

“The Sales Coaching & Training Seminar at The Village at NorthRidge was enlightening, enjoyable and will create an intrinsic value in our quest to reach our goal of 100% Revenue Producing Units.  Your presentation style is very comforting and lacked the “hype and drama” of other sales seminars I have attended.  My take is always to create any edge we can have over the competition.  Having the tools to understand the personalities of prospective residents (and their loved ones) and as importantly understanding our sales team’s personalities, should create that edge, as we can adapt our consultative sales approach to effectively work with the prospects in front of us.   I am confident that we left the seminar with tools to help reach our goals.  Thank you.”
Stephen Weisbarth, Executive Director, The Village at NorthRidge

“I simply wanted to convey my “thank you” for what was a stellar day of “rethinking and retooling” our approach to sales.  I understand that day two was outstanding as well.  It was a delight to spend time with you both and I look forward to a rewarding relationship with 55 Plus, LLC going forward.  Thank you for everything…I can wait for what comes next!”
Donna Thomas, Director of Corporate Communications, Senior Resource Group

“I am finding new ways of approaching our prospects and respecting their personality types.   We are excited by the training and what we learned to help us grow in our positions.   Thank you very much for all the effort that you put into it and I am grateful for the experience.”
Lesley Leiter, Sales & Marketing Representative, Maravilla Santa Barbara

“Jane was a huge help in showing me how to get the right people to sell our RI project, Winnapaug Cottages. Without her advice I wouldn’t have had the test results that helped me choose a Realtor or the knowledge to keep them motivated and on the ball once they were working for us.”
Rochelle Levy, Owner, Newbury New England LLC, Developer of Winnapaug Cottages and Champlin Woods

“Jane is so incredibly talented. We have participated on many 50+ housing industry panels and committees and I think the world of her. She is very intuitive and really understands the sales dynamics between the customer and sales person. I’m sure any sales team would benefit from her insights and assistance.”
Janis Ehlers, President, The Ehlers Group

“I have attended Jane O’Connor’s seminars and speaking engagements on mature and lifestyle selling and marketing and am happy to recommend and endorse her work in the housing industry. She has an excellent way of communicating clearly, concisely, and completely what she is teaching. She is patient with her protegees and knows her material inside and out. Jane is a true professional and an asset to the housing industry.”

“Jane is an expert in the 55+ industry and knows how to communicate her expertise and get a team of sales and marketing staff excited about new concepts on how to turn prospects into home buyers. I would highly recommend her to any developer interested in growing their sales and marketing teams. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.”
Mary A. Field, General Manager The Villages of Noble’s Pond Dover, DE 19904

“Jane O’Connor is one of the top thought leaders on active adult lifestyle communities. As broad and deep as her knowledge of the subject may be, she is continually striving to learn more, serve her clients better, and lead the way for the rest of us – a powerful resource and business partner for homebuilders engaged in 55+ housing, and those who want to be. I highly recommend her.”
Linda Chell Rooney, MIRM, CAASH, CMP, CSP, Owner, Advantage Builder Services, LLC

“I have taken several classes that Jane has taught. She has done a great job as the trainer/facilitator. I would be happy to use her as a consultant in any Active Adult community that I am involved in.”
Cathy Six, MIRM, CSP. CAASH, New Homes Director, Coldwell Banker Sloane Realty

“Jane has been a tremendous asset on the Board of Directors for the Builders Association of Greater Boston. She has devoted countless hours and contributed practical ideas to help improve the 50+ Council. She has clearly demonstrated her professionalism and expertise in age restricted housing issues.”
Wayne J. DelPico, President, W.J. DelPico, Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jane for over a decade, when she was the Publisher of four Mature Living Choices magazines throughout New England. In that time, I saw Jane quickly establish herself as a leading authority on the active adult and senior housing segments of the market. Jane is a passionate professional and gives 110% to everything she engages in. Jane gives far more than she takes in her business and professional relationships. Her clients are the beneficiary of this commitment level. Jane is intellectually curious, a creative problem solver, open and transparent in her dealings, has an engaging personality and is just plain fun to be around and to work with. I highly recommend her.”
Scott Dixon, President of the Real Estate Division, Network Communications, Inc.

“Without question, Jane is the premier international expert in the sales and marketing field for adults 50 and better. Whether I need advice, direction or solid information, Jane is always ready with a results-oriented solution that that is targeted, timely and pertinent for today’s ever changing market. I would highly recommend Jane as a 50+ resource. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.”
Donna J. Stapleton, MIRM, MCSP

“I have attended several of the workshops and events that Jane Marie has run and she is always well organized and prepared and knows her subject inside and out. I am pleased to recommend Jane.”
Jim Ingram, District Sales Manager, Delia Inc

“It has been my pleasure to work with Jane in the arena of 50+ housing. Jane works hard to stay ahead of the curve on what’s happening in this area and she does an excellent job of sharing her expertise and knowledge. I’m confident that Jane will do well in any sales training situation and particularly as relates to the 50+ market.”
Mary Jo Peterson, Kitchen/bath/universal designer and Owner, Mary Jo Peterson, Inc

“Jane Marie is a tireless and enthusiastic participant in her arena; having worked with and interacted with her at NAHB I have to say any organization–or business–would be fortunate to have such an individual with them.”
Greg Miedema, Re-modelers Chair, Director, National Association of Home Builders

“Jane Marie is an exceptional industry professional who continues to exude confidence, drive and the will to learn and share her knowledge. This special professional has made a positive difference for those with whom she has worked and will make a positive difference for you. ONwards and UPwards!”
S. Robert August, NAHB Life Dir., IRM Fellow, MIRM, President, S. Robert August & Co., Inc.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Jane on a series of industry seminars presented at the International Builders Show and the 50+ Council Convention. Jane is an esteemed colleague and fellow member of the Institute of Residential Marketing. We have each contributed content to courses offered by NAHB’s University of Housing. Her dedication combined with her creative and incisive thinking about the issues that matter most for sales and marketing success in the home building industry are unmatched. I recommend Jane wholeheartedly and without reservation as a pillar of the active adult housing industry. I’m also proud to call Jane a personal friend.”
Gian Hasbrock, MIRM, MCSP, CRS, MIRM, National Sales & Marketing Council

“Jane Marie is a tireless worker for the 50+ housing industry. She’s one of the major repositories of current information and insight on marketing to boomers who are rapidly approaching retirement age. I say these things as the 2006 Icon of the 50+ Industry, a designation I’m very proud of.”
Mike Kephart, President, Kephart Architects

“Jane Marie O’Connor is well-respected teacher concerning marketing and sales to the 50+ housing consumer. She was the principal writer of the “Selling to Active Adults” course for the 50+ Housing Council of the National Association of Home Builders and she is well-respected for her teaching, professional marketing and sales results and professionalism. She is a collaborative individual who is easy to work with and critical to achieving results that will suit differing perspectives and differing audiences. Ms. O’Connor contributes more than her fair share to every project and upholds high professional standards.”
Margaret Wylde, President and CEO, ProMatura Group, LLC

“Jane Marie knows her stuff and is one of the hardest working and well known experts in the 55+ arena. She does extensive research, recognizes the trends and delivers high quality strategies to her numerous clients. If you want the real thing, contact Jane Marie. JG”
Jack Gallagher, MIRM, President, GMG Incorporated

“Jane is one of the true icons of the senior housing market, an expert whose work is highly regarded and respected across the industry and across the country. She is also highly dedicated to the housing industry and her service and contributions at the local, state and national level are truly amazing.”
Daniel R. Levitan, MIRM, IRM Fellow, CAASH, President, Levitan & Associates

“Jane understands what it takes to sell to the 50+ home buyer, and can help your company to reach this huge segment of the market! She can offer your team the tools that they need to succeed.”
Anne Olson, President, Olson Architecture, Inc.

“Jane is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the 50+ Market. She is tireless in her quest to improve the industry and has a great attitude that elevates any activity she is involved in. I always look forward to working with Jane and could not recommend anyone more highly…”
Manny Gonzalez, Principal, KTGY

“Jane is a leader in the 50+ field – well informed, well connected and a capable professional.”
Michael Kim, Board of Directors, Builders Association of Greater Boston

“I have known Jane for more than eight years, and she’s one of the brightest, most informed people in the 50+ housing industry. Jane truly understands the unique nuances of this market segment and has worked with many builders to implement marketing strategies and solutions that have proven successful. Jane also has written articles, spoken on education panels and done webinars for our group. She always brings passion and energy to everything she does.”
Jeffrey S. Jenkins, Director, Member Services and Education, National Association of Home Builders

“I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Jane on the Board of Trustees at the 50+ Housing Council and have also taken a CAASH course from her. She is an outstanding instructor and has an exceptional understanding of the 50+ Housing Market. She is nationally recognized as an industry expert in the field of 50+ housing and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insight into this market.”
Mary DeWalt, MIRM, Trustee, 50+ Housing Council

“Jane’s understanding of what it takes to build great relationships with 55+ home buyers is peerless – as is her commitment to her clients. Her years of experience in the industry allow her to offer the deep insights and practical advice that lead to success. I know our mutual clients have been lucky to have Jane on their team.”
Erin Read Ruddick, Client Services Director, Creating Results

“I have worked with dozens of sales and marketing consultants over the last 20 years and can tell you that Jane’s approach and dedication to her clients stands out from the rest. If you want lasting results, she is the best! She brings her extensive sales and marketing knowledge to the table and helps clients hire the right people, train them, install systems and improve performance. With Jane you get long term results, not just a short term morale boost.”
Todd Harff, President, Creating Results

“Jane is the undisputed “Go-To” person in the field of the 50+ market segment. Her vast experience ensures she will provide excellent solutions for any challenge you might have in reaching this growing market segment. An accomplished author, publisher, speaker, trainer, coach and consultant as well as a regular speaker for industry trade conferences focusing on the special requirements to successfully design and market product to reach the potential buyers.”
Roger Fiehn – President/CEO, President/CEO, Roger Fiehn & Associates, Inc., Platinum Realty Services, American Classic Custom Homes

“Jane is focused, supportive, creative, and knowledgeable. She gets things done!”
Bill Shaevel, Owner, Shaevel & Krems

“Jane is an excellent speaker and trainer. She understands what it takes to motivate the sales staff and manage the process. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.”
Barbara Kleger, SHMS, CAASH,MIRM

“I have known Jane since 1997. She and her team at 55 Plus provide consulting services to developers, home builders and real estate companies focusing on the 55+ niche market. Jane shows her clients how to use creativity and a thoughtful approach for maximizing sales/revenue success, improving performance and creating lasting sustainable profitability. Plus, she works with her clients in ways that make sense for their unique business needs and project goals. For those who have worked with Jane—they love her leadership style and approach! I love her passion for success and the professionalism she brings to each task/day. Jane is fast to get things done, a quick-learner and study, can grasp large concepts rapidly and she can assimilate data and extract the salient and relevant action steps as a result.”
Ernest Oriente, President, PowerHour, LLC

“Jane has always been a pleasure to work with. Nobody knows the 55+ market better than Jane. I highly recommend Jane as a top notch trainer or speaker for your organization. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.”
Paul Soughley LEED AP

“Jane is the preeminent 55+ housing marketing consultant in the industry. Her depth of knowledge and experience will be of great value to anyone involved in this industry. Her company offers a broad range of marketing and consulting services vital to today’s ever-changing 55+ real estate market and the 55+ housing industry. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”
Mark O’Hara

“It was my privilege to work with Jane in her role with Mature Living Choices and with the 50+ Housing Council. In our many interactions, I quickly came to rely on Jane’s unfailingly accurate take on the active adult market. Jane’s passion and her dedication to clients (and her drive to excel) are unwavering and complete. Anyone seeking to understand the vital active adult market would be well-served to seek out and act upon Jane’s deep expertise.”
Jay McKenzie, VP/New Home Group, Network Communications, Inc.

“I do want to thank you for a great series. I knew you were a master at this and once again you proved it. I think everyone felt that they more than got their money’s worth.”
George F. Cundy, AIA, CAASH
Shoreview, MN

“As I told you at the close of our class, yours was the best class I’ve ever attended. Your presentation skills are excellent, you obviously know what you’re talking about, and it was refreshing to have freshly “minted” materials to work from. I’m so glad I decided to stay the extra day and take the class!”
Sharon Donofrio
Orlando, FL

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and review the captioned development.  I am very appreciative for your courtesy, patience and insight.  Your ideas have added both quality of life and economic benefits to the planned development.”
Joseph McGah, Jr.
The Fields of Woodstock, Long Beach, IN

“Great Seminar!  I have been in sales, sales training and sales management for 25 years.  Your training was one of the TOP 5 I have ever attended.  (And I worked for a $15 billion drug company before!)
Bob R.
William Raveis, CT

“You are a dynamic speaker and we really appreciate the time you made to share valuable information with the Maine IL/AL marketing crew!  Thank you, bravo!”
Sarah Adams
Sentry Hill at York Harbor, York, ME

“Thank you for all of your help.  I want you to know that I feel the coaching that we received from you is not only going to help with sales at Summerfield but also with my own personal career development.
Michelle Hastings
Summerfield of Amherst, Amherst, NH

“I wanted to touch base with you and compliment you on a class well done, full of information and very crisp.”
Dave Garvey, Concord, NH

“I just wanted to share my appreciation for your time last week teaching the CAASH class. I found it to be very informative, even as a remodeler.”
Gregory S. Alsterlund
Inver Grove Heights, MN

“I was thinking about the class today and how much I enjoyed it and how much I got out of it. Thanks!”
Gary Wing
Fort Washington, MD

“I really enjoyed your seminar. I am now working on pulling together my information to start the “process”. Thank you.”
Patricia Scherer, K Hovnanian Homes
Northern MD

“What a great day for Abbott Homes! Thank you again for bringing your expertise and excitement to our group.”
Ed Scannapieco, Abbott Homes
Boston, MA

“I enjoyed the class immensely and look forward to attending additional classes required for the CAASH designation.”
Brenda Harrington
Washington, DC

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and hearing your thoughts on marketing/sales. The one thing that really resonated with me was your advice: keeping sales people selling, instead of tying up their time with administrative details. I have been preaching that to clients for years. You translated the time into dollars, which was so powerful. I had an opportunity to use your example a few days ago. It certainly had a greater impact than my usual standard speech and I thank you for that.”
Freddi Flax
Plymouth Meeting, PA

“I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar on Tuesday. I was expecting a rehash of the earlier seminar you gave, but I found this one to be very informative with a lot of new and fresh ideas. It’s a real pleasure to hear you speak and be part of your presentation.”
Alan Oster, Beechwood Homes
Westbury, NY

“I cannot tell you how “pumped” I was after our Seminar. This is what I have been looking for. The insights you lead me to are like “Ahh” moments. Thank you for your time and I will be working on all your suggestions this week and next…”
Sarah Eldred, Pulte Homes
Waltham, MA

“I want to thank you again for a superb job putting on the marketing and sales seminar for our company and associates.”
Gerard Savard, Abbott Real Estate Development, LLC
Boston, MA

“Let me say that your seminar last Thursday was extraordinarily valuable. I’m still percolating on many of your points and I keep going back to your materials, hunting for confirmation.”
Nicola Farman, Beechwood Homes
Westbury, LI

“I agree with Jack Conway’s comments to you of yesterday. Your presentation was terrific! I will be giving a synopsis to my agents at our next meeting. Much of what you were talking about can be implemented into listing or selling to other age groups. Just good business practice. Thank you for a great day!”
Grace Alvey, Jack Conway Real Estate
Marshfield, MA

“I so enjoyed your seminar today and learned many new and important techniques and strategies for marketing an active adult community. All the information was pertinent for successful product sales and satisfying the home buyer! Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and experience with the 55+ market.”
Gail Phillips, Remax Properties I
Nashua, NH

“Thanks so much for the roster. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and found it quite an honor to meet you and others at the symposium who have so much knowledge of the 50+ market. I found it very beneficial and hope to see you at future events. Thanks again!”
Joel H. Stile, Stile Companies
Akron, OH

“Jane, thank you for teaching the class so expertly. It was a pleasure to meet you and you are appreciated for the time and effort you give to all. Take care and our paths will cross soon – of that I’m sure.”
Karen Dry, Garrett Interiors, Inc.
Westlake Village, CA

“I enjoyed meeting you and also enjoyed your class. I will be taking my 3rd CAASH course in NJ in June and I look forward to meeting you again in the near future.”
Jacqueline Rhoades, Katz Builders & Developers
Warrington, PA

“I enjoyed your class immensely.”
Jack McKeown, Conemarra Partners
New York, NY

“Jane, thank you for presenting your classes at BATC. I heard many positive comments. Everyone seemed to be interested and engaged in the discussions. It is always to our benefit to have quality, knowledgeable speakers and we are happy to have had you as our speaker.”
Diann Geier, Builders Association of the Twin Cities
Roseville, MN

“Thank you again for lending your experience and talent to the 2007 HOBI judging. It was truly a pleasure to spend the time with you.”
Joanne, JMC Resources
Guilford, CT

“A note to say I enjoyed your seminar. I have delivered many of them myself and always appreciate watching a pro. It was very helpful to everyone involved.”
Deborah Chiaravalloti, Chiaravalloti Real Estate
Newbury, MA

“I was thinking about the class today and how much I enjoyed it and how much I got out of it.”
Gary Wing, Poretsky Building Group
Fort Washington, MD

“I was very impressed with “The Challenge” you created to “Build a Better Community” at the 2008 Northeast Active Adult Symposium last week in Portsmouth. It was a great and clever way to bond participants and show the level of care and expertise required upfront in planning new active adult communities. You obviously put a lot of care and thought into creating such a comprehensive and educational exercise. Great job!”
Gail K. Jones, CURRIER & Associates, Inc.
Newburyport, MA

“Thanks so much! Great class!”
Christine Bachman
Denver, CO

“I have known Jane Marie for close to eight years and worked closely with her. Jane is the consummate professional and really knows her stuff. During my time at NAHB, she has been a dedicated member of committees I have staffed, has spoken on education seminars and webinars and been a true leader in 50+ housing. Jane throws herself into every task with gusto. Her energy, enthusiasm and love for this market segment always inspire me. I consider Jane a true ‘icon” and our industry is lucky to have her.”
Jeffrey S. Jenkins, Director, Member Services and Education, National Association of Home Builders

“I enjoyed taking a class from you at IBS. I am even re-reading the book!”
Donna J. Stapleton, MIRM, MCSP
Toledo, OH

“I can’t thank you enough for spending the day with us today. In speaking with everyone afterward, I know they got a lot out of the experience. I look forward to continuing our relationship through the years!”

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a wonderful day together. What a rare experience it was for me to spend quality time with one of the industry’s best and brightest!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your insights today. I have had some time to think about our meeting and feel you made many good points. I want to stay in contact and learn from you.”

“The presentation you gave on over 55 housing issues last Thursday in NH was excellent! Based on the brief HBRANH description, I was not sure of what to expect. I learned a lot about the 55+ market which includes a significant percentage of the potential clients in my residential design business.”

“Jane, thanks for your excellent presentation this morning. Your words gave me much to think about as I provide service to the 50+ client.”

“Jane, thank you so much for your time this week to bring your valuable message to our Realtors and builders. You are so knowledgeable about the 55+ market and so enthusiastic about the subject that your audience is totally engrossed in the lecture. Thank you so much!”

“Thanks for your time this morning…what a great call we had!”