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Jane is recognized internationally as an expert in 50+ housing. For the last 20 years, she has authored numerous articles for industry publications both nationally and internationally.  She was the lead author for the National Association of Home Builders’ course, Selling to the Active Adult.  She also was a subject matter expert contributing content to Marketing to the Active Adult.  Her articles have been published in Connecticut Homebuilder Magazine, 50+ Builder Magazine, Bay State Builders magazine, Retirement Village Communities of Australia annual publication, and Retirement Village of New Zealand annual publication to name a few.

In addition, her editorial skills have assisted home builders, retirement communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities in the copy used in their Unique Selling Propositions as well as in marketing messaging and newsletters, speaking a language that makes the messaging relevant to their target markets to produce increased traffic and sales to those she serves.

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+ “Selling Universal Design as an Asset” 50+ Builder Magazine, Fall 2012

+ “Successful Selling: A Fresh Approach to 55+ Sales” 50+ Builder Magazine, Spring 2012

+ “12 Principles for Selling in a Soft Market” 50+ Builder Magazine, Winter 2011

+ “Boomers are Putting a New Face on Retirement Housing” Retirement Village Association Year Book, Australia, 2008-2009

+ “Baby boomers’ housing needs hard to pinpoint” Calgary Herald, Fall 2008. Written by: Chuck Chiang

+ “Golden Years” Calgary Herald, Fall 2008. Written by: Chuck Chiang

+ “Get Selling Again! Why the Old Methods Won’t Work” 50+ Housing Magazine, Spring 2008

+ “What’s Hot in 55+ Design” Connecticut Builder, Fall 2007

+ “Winning Strategies for a Challenged 55+ Market” Connecticut Builder, Winter/Spring 2007

+ “The Reinvention of Rochester, NH – One Master-Planned Community at a Time” Senior Housing News, Winter 2005

+ “Customer Delight” Connecticut Builder, Summer 2005

+ “People + Performance = $UCCE$S” Connecticut Builder, Winter 2004

+ “Affluence, Amenities and Other Active Adult Trends to Note” Nations Building News Online, December 2004

+ “What Are Your Buyers Really Saying?” Connecticut Builder, Fall 2004

+ “Team and Performance Matter When Selling to the 55+ Market” Nations Building News Online, November 2004

+ ”Shifting to the 50+ Market? Don’t Overlook Sales Staff Training” Nations Building News Online, March 2004

+ “Training for Success in the 55+ Market” Connecticut Builder, Fall 2003

+ “Happy Trails, Happier Buyers – Enhance Your Community with Walking and Jogging Trails” Seniors’ Housing News, Spring 2003. Written by: Steve Schuster

+ “Active Adult Housing Trends II” Connecticut Builder, Fall 2001

+ “Active Adult Housing Trends” Connecticut Builder, Fall 2000

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